Jonah Jones

Jonah Jones was born in England in 1966 and lived in Britain and Germany as a child. In 1985 he joined Her Majesty's Royal Marines where he served for 5 years and trained as a chef. He moved to Bermuda in 1990 and is currently working as Sous Chef at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Jonah started to paint in 1992 when he attended the Bermuda College course in Fine Arts. He works from a studio at the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard.

People have described Jonah's work as vivid, having an intense, even violent palette. He paints primarily in oils, in a thick impasto with vivid colours and contrasts. He aggressively lays down the information and emotion of the subject

Artist's Statement
"I am formally trained as a chef, and I love to cook. You won't find any recipes in my house though; to me cooking is instinctive and intuitive. I love big flavours and clashing colours. Time and a love of cooking instil a knowledge and understanding of ingredients. I paint the same way. For me, my love of cooking pales compared to my enthusiasm for paintings - it is what I do, and what I will always do.

"I am drawn to the wild Bermuda undergrowth and the surreal, intense colours and textures of the island. Lately, I have been introducing figures into my work which gives them a human aspect, a familiarity. I strive to capture the movement of the scene, whilst leaving a degree of ambiguity for the viewer's imagination. I feel it is important to achieve a sense of movement and life in my work. I work very fast, with fury and emotion. I am not afraid to experiment and take risks.

"There are a number of artists who I admire and who have influenced by work. Among them are Edward Hopper, for the tangible loneliness; Caravaggio, for the contrast, the anger; Vincent van Gogh, for the texture, madness and colour."

One Man Shows
1998 "Rugby" - Masterworks Gallery
1997 "A Splash of Colour" - Bermuda Society of Arts

Group Shows
1993 - present Juried shows at Bermuda Society of Arts & The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard
1997 Featured Artist "All That Jazz" - Bermuda Arts Centre
1997 Small Paintings Exhibition - Heritage House
Commercial Galleries
The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard
Heritage House, Hamilton, Bermuda
Windjammer Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
The Cabbage Gallery, Watlington, England
Public Collections
Bermuda College
British Airways

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